100 Shots


It′s Dolph
Hey bring me some Backwoods up outta there homie and a cup of ice
And some rubber bands up outta there too homie, yeah
It's 3 PM, 80 degrees outside
I′m in somethin' that go real fast, sitting outside the cornerstore
Six figure client got no business in this area

If it ain't one thing it′s a motherfuckin′ 'nother
We trapped together than that′s my motherfuckin' brother
I pay her bills and buy her designer but I don′t love her
She just play her part when it's time to smuggle
I pull up, pick up that bag, and burn rubber
I got a sweet tooth but I stay away from suckers
Nobu in Malibu was my last supper
I fucked her in rush hour traffic, Chris Tucker
Everybody screaming gang gang gang
Them folks come and get you, you gon′ tell on the whole gang
She said can she fuck me with my diamond chains
If I ain't in the bank then I'm on the plane
′Bout to go get some money or go spend some money
They stopped me in the airport, had too many benjis on me
They don′t want you to live, they don't want you to ball
Them pussies smile in your face, then they pray for you to fall
Young nigga stay focused
But I really want to crash
Think about where you at
Then think about your past
Yeah I really came from shit
But I won′t change for shit
My bitch say I'm stuck in my ways
My wrist say I been getting paid

A hundred shots, a hundred shots
Me and my niggas pull up in a hundred drops
My role model used to get a hundred blocks
Street niggas in a tuxedo, we the mob

She looked at my watch too long, now she see stars
I got so high last night I did a show on Mars
Your bitch ate my dick, I caught her on them bars
My pinky ring extra large
Foreigns all in the garage, remember my first menage
Yeah, Tori and Brittany
I′m shopping for diamonds at Tiffany's
No, I don′t got no sympathy
She blew my whistle like a referee
Broke black nigga, remember me?
Until I found out that recipe
Started getting about ten a week
Finger on the trigger when I sleep
Yeah nigga, I rather you than me
Backseat, smoking good weed

A hundred shots, a hundred shots
How the fuck you miss a whole hundred shots?

You not welcome at my trap if you don't shop
Before you come through that back door you better knock
They been waiting on this gangster shit to drop
Even them fuck niggas that wish I could be stopped
How many dicks you sucked to get that couple million?
Self made millionaire, oh what a feeling
My niggas came from dealing
Fuck nigga get out your feelings
Your bitch gave me sexual healing
Guess who just walked in the building?
Came out with six bitches
My uncle said that's pimpin′
My diamonds always hittin′
You looking for your bitch, she with me nigga, she ain't missin′
I told you fuck nigga stay out my way, but you didn't listen
Big rocks, in my watch
And we put extensions in all of the Glocks

A hundred shots, a hundred shots
How the fuck you miss a whole hundred shots?
Yeah, it′s Dolph

How the fuck you miss a whole hundred shots?