Stuck With Me

YoungBoy Never Broke Again , Birdman

Man, I could go down the ladder on these pussy ass niggas, playin′ wit' my name
Nigga, y′all niggas hoes, been hoes, and gon' die hoes
Who made you a ho, nigga?Fuck ya, nigga, hope ya mummy die, playin' with me, bitch
Pussy in the can ass niggas

Uh-uh, look
Bet these niggas know one thing
Ayy, it′s Lil Top nigga (bet, it′s up and it's stuck with me)
Slimeto, huh
I′m back off in this bitch (bust wit' me, bust)
Ayy, this for all my slimeballs
(Bet these niggas ain′t gon fuck with me, fuck with me, yeah)
You heard me, tell 'em free DDawg
Tell ′em free all my niggas

This that Drac' talk
Niggas know I'm out that side but I′m straight north
Nigga fat mouth, get yo′ shit knocked off
I bring that tape out
Nigga pissed off, youngins bring them sticks out
Nigga know what they 'bout
Get chased down, nigga wave that TEC ′round
Tryna take your face off

Nigga know to keep they hands to theyself
When I'm in this bitch
Take him off, he buried know
Don′t know 'bout that, I′m innocent
Nigga know don't try to bust back
Better stay low when them bullets sent
They let me out, he scared now
YoungBoy home and with the shit

Daylight we be zippin' shit
Know we love them four-doors nigga
Walk ′em down, that′s toe-to-toe
My cousin in that stolo nigga
We gon' knock ′em down right by the store
He a opp pack, we gon' roll that nigga
Nigga talk that shit but know he know
When I catch ′em, I'ma show that nigga

Stalk him out, run ′em down, knock off his dreadlocks
Know we plannin' to leave 'em dead, huh
Demon bangin′ with straight headshots
Nigga, we can scuffle
Nigga know that I ain′t scared, huh
Lose or win, gon' go again, I′m divin' in, whip all your kin (bitch, baow)

(Lil Top, it′s up, then it's stuck with me, yeah)
I don′t give a fuck what these niggas think 'bout me, you hear me
(Bust, when we bust, yeah) nigga already know what business I stand on
It's Murda Gang, you hear me?
It′s up with me and it′s stuck with me
Bitch-ass nigga, what?

Nigga know I love them Dracs, nigga
These niggas know I hate niggas
You can fuck my bitch then cuff that bitch
Nigga, let that ho come stay with you
Turn me up, send me a video
After that, nigga, send me a picture
A.I., Lil Top, I been official
I killed the ref and took the whistle

And I took his stripes, bitch
Been livin' that life, bitch
I′ma crash out with them crash artists, notices on sight bitch
I'm a rich ass lil′ motherfucker, still be on that sight, bitch
In a stolo ridin' with them cuttas, you can bring a knife bitch
In Atlanta on the interstate, might go out like Double D
Money on my head, they want me dead, they wanna murder me
Bitch, if I had said it then I said, know I don′t keep no peace
Green flags versus anything, we can leave bodies stretched in the street
You know what's up with me

(It's Lil Top and It′s up, then it′s stuck with me)
You heard me
Ayy, I ain't, I ain′t clean no motherfuckin' corners you heard me
(Bitch niggas know not to fuck with me, fuck with me)
Bitch ass nigga if I said it then I said it
I′ma let you know, bitch, I been a gangsta
(You know I'm thuggin′ couple steppas, I'm gon' leave a nigga dead)
The fuck, nigga, you heard me (then it′s up and it′s stuck with me)
I ain't holdin′ my words nigga, you know what's happenin′
You heard me we ain't holdin′ no, we ain't holdin' no hollows
We sendin′ ′em straight at you and your entourage
Bitch-ass nigga, go talk to God

Rich Gang
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