Girls With Guitars

Wynonna Judd

She turned fifteen with great expectations
Her older brother knew somethin' was up
He caught her goin' through his record collection
Lookin' at Hendricks like a lovesick pup
She begged and she pleaded till dad finally listened
He drove her in the car down to Sears-Roebuck
He bought her that guitar and that was the beginning
Now she's down in the cellar with the amp turned up

Girls with guitars daddy's little angel
Girls with guitars what's the world comin' to
Girls with guitars mothers tend to worry 'bout
Girls with guitars

Well,Saturday night she followed her brother
It was socks and stockin's on the old gym floor
While everybody danced to garage band covers
She was checking out riffs and memorizing' cords
She didn't care at all for the football heroes
She didn't even notice the basketball stars
Boys as a species were all a bunch of zeros
Except for the ones who played that guitar

Ah,girls with guitars she wasn't any debutante
Girls with guitars she didn't go out for cheerleading
Girls with guitars boys are kinda nervous 'round
Girls with guitars

She went off to college she got her degree
Her parents breathed a sigh of great relief
Daddy's thinkin' law school mothers thinkin' medicine
Daughter's thinkin' how she's gonna break the news to them

Now there's an old Chevy van sittin' in the driveway
Filled to the gills with all her stuff
She cut a deal with her brother to drive it up the highway
Figures New York City is close enough
She gets the audition through a friend of a friend
Who's checkin' out her legs sayin' "This will never work"
She flips on her boogie and turns to the band
Gives a little grin and blows away the jerk

Girls with guitars now everybody's rockin'
Girls with guitars there ought to be a song about
Girls with guitars
There's just no stoppin' those
Girls with guitars

Get your money for nothin' and your guys for free

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