Sangre De Cristo

White Lion

Searching for the truth we need to know
Questions in our mind don't always tell us where to go
Living with the stories we've been told
Learning from the books and all the mysteries they hold

We want to find the answers We need to know the truth
But if we ever come to realize Two thousand years of lies

We are born then we are shown the way
Some are free to choose and others worship and obey
Some believe in heaven some in hell
Angels fly, and beasts defy Religion made to sell

Crusaders and defenders Fight the holy war
From desert sand to city streets they die- And still I wonder why

But I cease to believe It is how it was meant to be
And I know that I've made up my mind And follow the way that I want

If we read between the lines
Will we find the truth in time

Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel
Trouble at the Tower of Babel
Noah built his ark and sailed away
Dinosaurs walked the earth
Long before the written word
But tell me who was Mary Magdalene
Darwin and the missing link
Those who dare are free to think
Earth is turning like a big balloon
Somewhere in the universe
Far away from our story
Maybe there's another world where everything is right

Say your prayers Save your soul today
Credit card or mail a check How do you want to pay
Saints and sinners live the way they choose
Blasphemy, profanities who can you accuse

Now who has all the answers Who is right who is wrong
Walk on water heal the sick and blind In the end what will we find