1980s Horror Film


[Verse 1: Braeden]
She, was only seventeen
Oh, why are girls in songs always seventeen?
She, was from a movie scene
And now she plays in my head all day

[Chorus: Braeden]
She called me up
And let me in
Couldn't feel my legs
She walked me back
Into her room
But just to see
A 1980s horror film

[Verse 2: Braeden]
I, oh, I was so scared
She had the curtains down so there was no glare
She pulled up a chair, and gave me the bed
And all these crazy things went through my head

[Chorus: Braeden]
It seemed so long
I need someone
I don't know what to say
She was sitting there
I could touch her hair
But still we watched
Her 1980s horror film

[Bridge: Braeden]
I don't know what to say to you
I feel you're always on my mind
And now that I know what I need
I'm taking the long way 'round
In my mind
It's not right
I can't help the way I feel anymore
And I need to
Ask you, Jamie, oh
Can it be that you feel this way too?

[Chorus: Braeden]
The lights were off
The mood was right
She came and laid with me
I looked into her eyes
And tried to make her mine
But then she said:
"I'm really not that into guys"

[Outro: Braeden]
1980s horror film
1980s horror film
1980s horror film
1980s horror film