Born Entertainer

Veruca Salt

This couldn't get any better
She didnt get it so fuck her
I'll never be any saner
I'm a born entertainer
yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

You couldn't be any cuter (you couldn't be any cuter)
You couldn't be any cooler (you couldn't be any cooler)
You'll never be any saner (insane)
Cause your a born entertainer
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yea-hah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I dare you to ditch me
I beg you to miss me

So rock

We couldn't get any radder (so rad)
We couldn't be any better (so sad)
We couldn't be any lamer (you got out of danger)
Cause we're the born entertainers (you got out of danger)

We're the born entertainers!
We're the born entertainers!
The born entertainers!