Unwritten Law

afraid it comes to this
I really must admit, your tits, your eyes, your lips
are staring at me
I'm drooling at the chin
I need to be within, her skin, I want to sin
she stops me and she says
slow down boy, I'm not easy
don't want to be a sleazy whore
so I showed her to the door
overabundancy, and I'm not sorry
and girl, you look so good
I really think we should, your hood, with me, I would
so let's get started
I know I can't resist
I reach over for a kiss, I miss, she ducks, I wish
she gets up and says....
then there she was in front of me
and it was very plain to see
she had this gleeming in her eye
told me that she's down for the crime
took me and threw me on the floor
as she screamed and begged for me
she said
I'm not sorry
No, I'm not sorry