Shine Like Stars

True Worshippers

Look at the world we live
Look at the hurting everywhere
Let us see mercy and your grace
overflowed in every place
Let us be one with you today
And let your glory fall....

Teach us to live in rigteoness
Teach us to love in one accord
Guide us to live life everyday
As we worship in your cort
Let us declare your majesty
And let your glori fall.....

Reff :
We will shine
Shine like star above
Shining in your light
Guided by your love
Let your fire burn in us
Burning like the sun
As we glorify
And show your kingdom come
In all the Earth

We will shine like star above
As we're burning like the sun


True Worshippers at first is a musical group of young Christians. There is also in it as Sydney Mohede, Franky Sihombing, Ricky Jo, Sary Simorangkir etc. at the beginning of their emergence. And finally evolving with songs sung in almost all the churches in Indonesia and outside Indonesia. Spiritual band, led by Sidney Mohede is a stub of talented musicians in the church Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC).

Vocalists :
Sidney Mohede
Sari Simorangkir ... selengkapnya

Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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