Land Of Gods (Nusa Dewata) (feat. Shakila)

TOHPATI , Shakila

A land so near, not so far away
The Land of Gods, you are like a star
South of east, west of south
And north of nowhere
I know where you are

I found you there right beside the sea
Your waves were holding the heart of me
I fell in love and found myself
Sheltered by your sky

Nusa Dewata, I hear you singing
Songs that I've heard from dreams gone by
Nusa Dewata, I hear you calling
Calling my name as if to say I should be with you

Nusa Dewata, your wind so gentle
Kissing my face with tender breeze
Nusa Dewata, your moon is smiling
Shining on me a light so warm all through the night

Nusa Dewata, I feel the romance
Filling me with a love so new
Nusa Dewata, I'll never leave you
And from now on I'll be with you
I'll be with you