Bring It On Up

Tim Buckley

Seems like in every hip conversation honey

People brag about where they all come from

Seems like in every hip conversation, woman

I just end up sucking on my thumb

Lord I'm just a I'm just a pauper,

I been raised in a trailer park yeah,

Ain't got that much honey to brag about

I just drinkin' all alone in the dark

I said bring it on up

To my room woman

I can't carry this load alone

Well I don't need none of that phony moaning woman

No, I don't need it to get it on honey

No, take off your wig darlin' now

Throw away those pills now woman;

No, highway we're gonna roll;

Ah, you know that good king lovin' gonna make it

All right now honey, no,

Ah woman we--we're gonna' turn the tide around;

Talk about tongue to tongue, woman