Savage Moon

Thompson Twins

The pressure is on - the wolf is at the door

All the ghosts that haunt my life are screaming out for more

I try to fight them

But I just can't win

I'm always on the outsied

Always tryin' to get in

Tell me again of what love can bring oh-oh


I was touched by a savage moon

I was kissed by a burning sky

I can run away but there's nowhere to hide

I'll be running 'til the day I die

Well there's a civil war that's raging

Raging in my soul

C'mon hold me close

Save me from the cold

If you take a chance

I'll take one too

It won't be that hard

When we've got nothing to lose

Weave me a tale where love is true


If I could believe in fairytales

A life of happy endings that would never ever fail

Tell me a story where love is true