Na Na Na

The Titans

Ketika aku tak ada untukmu
Saat kau membutuhkan aku
Saat berada dalam kegelapan
Dan tak tahu harus bagaimana

Tunggulah aku disana
Jangan kemana-mana
Aku 'kan segera kesana

Aku akan selalu ada untukmu oo..

Aku tak akan hilang
aku selalu ada

Walaupun aku tak ada dekatmu
Saat kau membutuhkan aku
Lelah melangkah dalam kehidupan
Dan tak tahu harus bagaimana

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There are 3 known artists with the name "The Titans".

The Titans is a duo from Stuttgart, Germany. They mix everything from Pop to Rap music and gives the music the unique Titans sound.

There is also second artist using this name. This one is a band from Indonesia. The band was formed by two former members of peterpan, Andika and Indra. The band consists of Rizki (vocals), Andika (keyboards), Indra (bass), Onny (guitars), Imot (synthesizers), and Tomtom (drums). The band has released their debut album "The Titans" on April 27th, 2007. ... selengkapnya

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