Threat of Joy

The Strokes

Okay, I see how it is now
You don′t have time to play with me anymore
That's how it goes, I guessFuck the rest
Be right there, honey!

I′m gonna take my time to say
Take my time today
I'm gonna take what comes my way
Take what they give me
Yeah, I want my money now
But he is not around
You better hold my money safe
What's your emergency?

And for the first time in my life
I′m gonna get myself right
Just get into trouble
Be there on the double

Place your bets this time
Just has to let it ride
I tr- I tried to take a roll
But the dice are on parole
I won′t look down your dress
I bet you bend down as a test
I cannot wait to chase it all
Yeah, I saw it in my crystal ball

Friday night is shining like
A secret for a spy
I got a better idea
I'll bet you on the side
When I get up in your face
You know it′s no surprise
Ah baby, why's it so hard to read the sentence in my eyes?

And for the first time
Chains on your legs
I spent a while
Then decided on you
My baby doll
You ignored your life
We′ll do it together
I'll be there whenever

Oh, you took a minute break
And said, "Thumbs up, they′re okay"
I'm going to watch the tidal wave
It's hard to chase away

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh

(Got to chase away)

(Hard to chase away)
(It′s hard to chase away)