Forever In A Day

The Starting Line

Tuesday's here and i'll be waking up to another day filled with life's mistakes and the ones that lingered from the days before. All the blanks i've drawn and all the times i've shared. All the times that i've been unprepared, all the songs I've sang that i just can't explain. Did you know that i once sad that i can't change the road tat i was led and can't find better friends. Is it worth the pain, is it worth the wait? As i attempt to set my record straight, i'll open up the drapes and i'll appreciate the most beautiful day. Afternoon should be coming soon, as dim light leaves. The sun shines over me, it feels like my shadows ran away. evening falls down on top of me, and the minutes creep by constantly. Then i look back at the day and start again. am i sorry? am i lost? have i forgot where i'm coming from or have i just begun? Different days and different ways always seem to end up the same, it's too routine for me. Did you know that i once said that i can't change the road i was led. forever more and lived forever in a day.