Earthquake Weather

The Psycho Realm

It gets no better when you're caught up in the earthquake weather

Keep your eye on the storm come and get us

When the shit goes down we're all down 'cause we're fed up

At how the system is set up

Breaking through my storm sick weather

Psyclone stroll my zone come on enter

Government punks think their world's a lot better

But it's regular men that run the country forever

Who got the power, the law, really?


Thought I'd go to war with my city

Carry out plans advance in the dark

Tactics trace you with white chalk

Crash hits and my troops get marked

I'm in a danger zone when I walk

Split seconds in time life become short

Courtesy of LA P.D psycho

Inhaling white coke straight snort

Life is a contact sport weather report

The sun will be smitten

You understand what we're transmitting?

Under the vanishing ozone

Melting like a snow cone

Listen before we come to not existing

The new system

Sets up the weather to splice us

Wipe the dust off mental vices

Snipe devices in this age of crisis

The price of being decisive is choking

Welcome to no hope land

Where two words can't be spoken

That's prevent this

So they're frozen like cryogenics

In the driest of ice scaling global heights

With hollow sights on scientists' heads like lice

Who have patternized more than just mice

Strike to kill the present but the present is this

Try to fight a dead end that's sent through fists

Mind computer list of motives

Electric convulsive through the voltage

Prime supreme truth cult

Rhyme revolt

Forecasting the act of action

To flatten the state of defense

Info prints static

To unpulsate the black magic that breathes

Believe in what we ourselves conceive

For us it must and it will happen

Destruction before creation the war of capping

It gets no better when you're caught up

In the earthquake weather

Keep your eye on the storm come and get us


Jack and older brother Duke make up the chicano (Mexican-American) hip-hop group that has long reigned as the undisputed king of the Los Angeles underground scene, cultivating an army of devoted fans known as the Sick Soldiers.

The first seeds of Psycho Realm were sown in the tough downtown Pico-Union neighborhood, right across the street from Doheny Park. First-generation Americans and the eldest two of the four Gonzalez boys, Jack and Gustavo, a.k.a. "Duke," grew up in the contentious neighborhood in the mid- and late-1980s. ... selengkapnya

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