The Exies

It's about time, ready to break it

When I walk about, I battle to make it

Doing what they call the best I can

You starfucker type caviar daydream

I'm gonna get away I say I said maybe

Blooming in the meadow

Think I'm leavin'

And that's why

I'm going out of my head

Wish I was dead

I'm feeling lo-fi

I bottle up and explode

My engines have blown

So head down I dive

I'm feeling lo-fi

Crash boom bang

Can't remember my name

I hit it head on

But I'm feeling no pain

What's it gonna take to make me free

Jump back, kick stop all the way

I bet you're guessing what I'm trying to say

Always a mystery everyday

And that's why

I'm here to blow it sky high

And let it fly

Time waits for no one

And that's why