E. Coli (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

The Alchemist , Earl Sweatshirt

(You see the, the songs though)
(It′s what I do)
(Just write the songs and sing them)(Therefore it's all pure feeling)
(It′s complete honesty)
(If you can trace the origin of your fear, it will disappear)

My thoughts, dreams, plots, and my schemes
That's what's on my mind when I toss in my sleep
My heart like my pen when I jot and it bleed
My cart full of sin, when I shop it′s a spree
I got some new leaves
I′m like "What's the word with you, sir?"
You just moss on a tree, I′m not concerned with you
I leave the curb when I'm crossing the street
I′m watching out for the Mark of the Beast
The badge on the policeman, black carpenter pants
A half ounce in 'em, another half ounce in my fleece
And on account of this, go ′head and count me out of this
I'm out with the breeze
I'm dodging county, it′s a thousand degrees
It′s back alley shit, my nigga, look

My eyes wide open, I'm sleepy, I′m on a highway
Paul Giamatti, a nigga was sittin' sideways
A bubble and a Skully when traveling through the Tri-state
And trouble play the gun, hear it clap and it make my mind race
Back and forth, I place fourth, keep your torch
Got your morsels on my plate, motherfucker
I wasn′t born, mama snatched me off the motherfucking stork on a Friday
Say that shit to my face

(If you listen sometimes, you can)
(You can get a whole conversation full of people talking)
(Two bars and a song sometimes)
(For me, knowledge is everything if I learn something)
(Still learning?)
(I learned my whole life)
(I learned something last night)