The Ballad Of Me And My Brain

The 1975

And well, I think I've gone mad
Isn't that so sad?
And what a shame you've lost a brain that you never had
How much for a car? It can't have gone far
I must have left it on a train or lost in a bar
It's likely in a Sainsbury's
Flirting with the girls that waited for me
I've tried my best to clear my name
Asking anybody that's seen my brain
The brain was last seen going for a run
And would you sign an autograph for my daughter, Laura
Cause she adores ya, but I think you're shit
I've gotta look for my my brain for a bit
I stand outside and hide my eyes
Well what do you expect when you've got no mind?
Say it's a slow day, it drives me insane
Where would I be if I was my brain?

The nice nurse told me said she felt my pain
But couldn't find a single trace of my brain
Oops I did it again started playing
Forget my brain, remember my pain

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