La To Brooklyn

T Love

featuring Siah and Yeshua Da PoED

Uh.. uhh uhh uhh

Check it out Wee Bee Foolish duty free

Uhh.. This Kid Named Miles

[T Love]

Drip drip be the sound consumate

when they hangin from my nipple tryin to get a sip

I've got so much much on my mind

Rhymes and beat beats and rhymes

Ain't these fascinatin times

Check the girl lactatin lines

I'm formula nourishin and warmin ya

from Panama Canal to Californ-ia

There be a path of spilled milk, leadin to my tilt

[Yeshua Da PoED]

My speech, apparently carries me

over break-beats and melodies smothered in Sara Lee

cakes, teeth, ache, even take care of the

critics, fans, spectators who stare at me

and get the greater effect, flavor beyond belief

increase, calorie intake, with each

syllable I spill, at will, cause I be a

skilled individual, your ?


Up in the tropical illusion, fusin rhyme and rhythm

Leakin about a creek from the wellspring given

Driven to be.. uhh, I'm not sure what (what)

It's gotta be pure, won't strut with smut

Allergic to wackness, like E-D

and T-B too, now see how we do

Anita you dance with the Japanese beetle

Call the ring and make it stop at the rays of the needle

Chorus: T-Love

From LA to Brooklyn, it's about rhymes and beats

From Brooklyn to LA, it's about beats and rhymes

[Yeshua Da PoED]

Now if I didn't rap, mics would be lonely, like the only

kid that didn't clap, when the lip be strictly, spittin that

Bros know, flow so intact, it be splittin caps on heads

that authorize admittance on impact in fact

MC's get with that, and tak

Profil T LOVE

T Love is Taura Taylor-Mendoza, editor of URB Magazine.
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