Caught Up In The Middle



im caught up in the middle

jumping thorugh the riddle

im fallin just a little tonight (uh,uh)

cos every bodyies makin trouble

someones burst their bubble

but we'll be getting by alright (uh,uh,uh)


sooner or later this drunken alivator

is gonna stop where im sposed to be

its ten past eleven im half way up to heaven

but im stuck in reality

why cant the boys be the toys

that the girls want the boys to be

and why cant the girls see the world

that the boys want the girls to see



at night it's on the low

no front just sing the flow

were speaking all in code

to get to the place we know

sweat running down my back

im wearing leather black

falling into a trap

there is no turning back

ive got my ladies with me

yeah lets get so damn freaky

but we gotta keep them tame

cos we dont wanna play there game

everybody from the block

need to be feeling nice

it aint no weakest party

buckle up enjoy the ride

what you see and what you hear can never be exposed

but tonigh our charactor

is everything we know


lifes kinda tender

my bodys tired

its freaky but im ready for this bumpy ride

everybodies trippin its all insane

but the voices in my head are sayin it ok

try to slow it down or its against the rush

gotta keep it cool to avoid the crush

adrenalin is spinnin and its startin to show

that ive moved it on

cos ive changed the flow

(chorus x2)