Even now your eyes are courting sleep
I'll stay by your side as I have always been
sleep tonight, may your dreams reveal my love for you
beyond what I must do, do you know my plans for you?
to separate myself from where my treasure lies
then naked in this cold and lonely unforgiving life.
be stripped away of all delusions of the man i'd like to be
at the moment.
I am broken parts sure of only weaknesses with nothing left to show
no illusions left to hide behind.
burning clean has been both agony and absolute release
can I hope to pass this test, is my destiny the wilderness?
the hardest part of letting go, is trusting you with everything
in laying bare my soul is truly seeing who I really am
Father what is man that You are mindful of him
can I pass this test? is my destiny this wilderness?
to stand alone
against a life of wretchedness.
impossible to hope and so I plead
Your graciousness show me your glory
may my life reflect your presence
and never again find myself in anything less.