In My Hood

South Park Mexican

[Verse 1:]
One two buckle that fool,
He's fucking with me, if he's fucking with you
Hillwood to my bones, to my chromozomes
Got 2 44's so im not home alone
Push a pencil like a stone on a saturday night
I choke a hoe from my tow like im grabbing the mic
They bought me a used dirt bike
A year later it was used to serve white
Ghetto bird on top of us,punk ass officers
Mad cause my closet full of guns & nauticas
Rocking up duckies,for fiends and jumbies
Got more cheese than chuckies,and get my weed from uglies
I'ts all lovely,just bought a pitbull puppy
That's guaranteed to make me a shit full of money
Man I just couldn't study,in school I was nervous
So I left I cant even write in cursive.

What do you see in my hood, I see gangstas everywhere everry wherrre [x2]

[verse 2:]
And im going live,liver than the rest,
I told my mom while im lock take it as a test
Up in garza west smokin on a skinny square
Three more and I believe I can get me there
Ill be home soon I promise that,
I be trippin cause now they say my daughter rap
7 years old (im 8 now dad),they say she real cold,
She my muthafuckin life for real dow
Lord knows that he got me here for a reason,
What it is I dont know but yo boy breathin,
They dint kill me so now them hoes gotta feel me,
I been slangin since I got kicked out of milby
Last ten years been a cold jungle,
In the streets sellin dope to my own uncle
Born thug they gon hate me till im bagged up,
Im my casket ill probally still be handcuffed.

[chrorus x1]

[verse 3:]
I come from the slums,southside houston,
Changed to screwston,the day screwed moved on
And I miss em,wish I could hug and kiss em,
He was asking for help but no one would listen
Reminisim acting like a fool at roxy,
Jealouse niggaz looking but refuse to box me
I dont blame em dow,I would jump on stage and flow,
And holla fuck the police and the radio
They cant stop me,but certainly them hoes can try,
I started dope house back when I was smoking fry
In the penn I just wish I had one made,
I swear to god these hoes hate to see us paid
Just made mix-bread with roastbeef
Got my boy pullin meat out his gold teeth
On the mic I destroy any earthaleen,
My new song called pussy meat in burger king.

[chorus x2]

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