Hidden Evils


You′ve reached a dead end road
Hidden evils are now exposed
It seems unbearableYour sanity dwindling into dust

I am your solution
A bittersweet burden
You cannot escape my grasp
I'll take you down
All you cherish will turn to rust

Exhausting all resources to find relief
Ascending the mountain of eternal grief
Sifting through thoughts just to achieve some peace
Overpowering thoughts, they will not release

Spiraling into a trance
Hopeless but not giving in
Come with me
Take hold of my hand
As I lead you to a state of bliss on demand

Fighting the urge to let go
You must not go back to square one
I am the one you′ve been waiting to see
I'll dispose of your burdens and help set you free

Squeezing a lump in your throat
To distract you from the joys in life
Drilling a hole in your boat
To capsize your dreams

Waiting to see that light
In this tunnel, there's nothing in sight
Minutes seem like hours
And hours mimic days

Devils hands wrapped around your neck
Another victim, a life to wreck
Now you must look beyond
Break those bones, embrace this first new breath

Hidden evils exposed
Fatigued by this endless mind race
Slowly revival sets in
I will stay close
In the shadows I′ll rest
Dormant till the day
You are weakened again

Forever the fight may go on
It′s your choice, choose mind over all
Back to the darkness I'll creep once again
Like a wolf in sheep′s clothing
For now I'll descend

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