Half The Fun

Snow Patrol

Half the fun of it is that I can't keep up

And I lose my breath and what's worse

Is I don't think I'm the first

Any way you like, you can do no wrong

Please just give me five minutes dear

Let's just pray it's not near

Stay forever; I won't last it

I'll die trying

Will you suffer a little with me?

But you would never

With a second chance I'd mess it up again

But I'd do it worse than before

Cos I've learned so much more

About the way we fertilise the roses

That were bought to show us how much you care

Now it's easier to care

Getting past this -- you have to take it

I will wait here

Please believe me, just stop running

Say you'll get help

I caught the last flight, I had to see ya

It can't wait longer

He's not your father, just a doctor

So lick your own wounds