A Blessing


He's my everything... He's my everynight
From the sorrows of my brokenheart
I wish that I could stay tonight
So lonely is the night
I could stand to realize
I can't see your face I'm desperate
And I'm restless longing your embrace

He's a blessing from the sky... He's a moonlight
He blessed from the child... He used to cry
I love you from a difference I couldn't lie
He loves to let go by and we can try
He gazed in to my eyes and through my mind
He gave me the heart and he's all mine
And though I have to wait
Boy, I don't mind
Don't wanna lose your trace,
my endless love

And all the visions of my future
Will never come to real without you
It ain't no lie, it's cause you why
The tear of grief runs dry
I'm about to build tomorrow
I'm about rewrite my journey
And other stories in my diary
Restarted with you inside of me
And with no dignity