Thats What They Do

Sahara Hotnights

I feel sick when I hear myself

shouting out the wrong words

at the wrong time

I'm incapable of listening

carefully when you talk too much

Talk too much


And then we who, 'cause we didn't try to, we drown

And when those who can swin see how we drown

A conversation with the favourite boy

I feel so I fail, why do I fail when I feel

This conversation ain't falling, the back has falling down

Hit the ground


They laugh they turn around

that's what they do

You asked me once if I was freezing cold

I said I'm cold as the razorblade

I told you once that I can shock you

everyone's seen everything


They laugh they turn around

that's what they do


They laugh, they turn around

And they laugh, they laugh, they turn around

And that's what they do


Sahara Hotnights is a rock group from Robertsfors, Sweden whose music includes elements of garage rock, power pop and punk.

They began playing together in 1991, before they were even in their teens, eventually winning a "battle of the bands" contest in 1995. On the back of their debut EP Suits Anyone Fine they became a live favorite around Sweden in 1997. A debut album (C'mon Let's Pretend) followed in 1999, and the band made inroads in Europe and the US with Jennie Bomb in 2002. ... selengkapnya

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