Walk Away

SadBoyProlific , Aiko , Teqkoi

I think you broke my heart again
Please don′t leave me, take my hand
Drowning inside these walls of fearTake my hand and stay with me my dear

Yo I watch you walk away cause I didn't think you′d leave
I thought that you knew that you meant everything to me
I know we get mad and we yell and blow steam
But now you're gone I only see you in my dreams
Don't know what to do cause lately I′ve been lacking passion
Self inflicted pain, just to cause a damn reaction
Telling people not to cut, I′m lying to the masses
Cause I've been in my room with the blade fucking laughing
Now I love the pain, it′s evolved to an addiction
Only time my head is straight is off the prescriptions
But the voices in my head tell me keep resisting
So I shed the tears and stare into the distance
Don't know what I′m looking for, but now I know it's hope
And I′m not gonna find that from these pills or the dope
Burned in my emotions with each breath of the smoke
I know that this time, I'll find a better way to cope

I think you broke my heart again
Please don't leave and take my hand

I gave you every part of me everything I had
You embrace the good and you tone on the bad
Said that we′d be fine and that you′d always have my back
But now you're gone, I′m alone feeling like trash
I'm the love ship sinker, dumb kid singer
Tuff boy demeanor, I′m the stupid over thinker
I've been tryna solve my problems with the hit of a blunt
I won′t lie, I ain't been sober in months
I just smoke when I feel like, no one gives a fuck
Or when I'm in the dump, just wishing to give it up
That′s every single day, these drugs are now apart of me
I′m a painter who's confused and lacking artistry

I think you broke my heart again
Please don′t leave and take my hand