Rustage , Shofu, Shwabadi, Connor Quest!, Breeton Boi, 954mari, PE$O PETE, Shao Dow, Lex Bratcher, Louverture , Khantrast

Surgeon of death, I remove the nerves from your head
Certainly dead, submarine, cause I emerge from the depths
Cut ′em clean, I got no words to be saidFuck you mean you never heard I'm the best
Corazon, how they ain′t making a noise, when I roll with my boys

They be turning them red
Shoutout to Beppo, there's beast in my circle of friends
Heart Pirates, but my gang we stay heartless
Start fires when I load up the cartridge
Hardwired, I been used to the carnage
War dog, I leave 'em hurt when I give ′em the boot like I′m Marten
Who's fucking asking?

Lay down the law, I′m not using no pardons
Step in my room and I'm moving compartments
Shambles, break ′em apart like I'm fusing with carbon

Yes, you go to war with Apoo
I got beast in the air and ready to shoot
I ain′t talking my Fruit, you get played like a flute
Ride around with my crew, better give me the loot
Ain't with the scratch man, bang with a back hand
Strafing the bad lands, crazy a mad man

Stay in a trash can, gang in the back, long arm
Straying on me, finna spray with the strap, bam!
Pulling up with Eustass, Drake get to shooting
And the way we moving and the way you doing
Bringing pain with music, see, my gang get stupid

Can't avoid my moves and no, we ain′t disputing
If you hear em bet you disappearing
Hear him fore you see em, know you better fear em
Shout the coast is clear, they running, can′t get near em
When it's said and done the world is gonna revere em

Metal, grip it, lead or tin
It′s red, I spill, it get um sent into the medic clinic
Magnetic with it, any ferrous dimwits
They gon' know the score like this is Metacritic
Got some brass bollocks, all these coppers
I′m making them sink, Gibson attack, hear the amp noise
Boy got the Gears like it's kling klang klink
Might join together, but don′t call um, me alloys

Law of attraction, chicks getting a feel
Curving all the bullets, I'm bending the steel
Draw them out, I call 'em north and south
I got two poles for ′em if they step in my field
Kid a killer with a Killer here to kill the bigger figures
Sinners and the sycophants
Pin a victim and he′ll trim a wicker man
Like literally, I'm just built different

I got 2 scythes swinging through the wind
Leave ′em chopped and trimmed
Used all our luck up, story so fucked up
Where should I begin?
Card always said survival was slim
Mask on my face, I'm hiding my grin
We done lost so many, it′s just me and Kidd

So I guess you could say that Killer is pissed!
I got two blades, leave em toupee, Ion need a third
Mask on, laughing to myself, I don't say a word
Brodie got the metal for you cleaving, never Glock squeezing
That′s too easy

I must support the ambitions, my captain his wishes
Regardless of whatever problem
All of your struggles fictitious, so sit back and listen
We winning don't care what it cost us

For F's sake, X marks the drake
In head mask and cape, our quests aren′t the same
I′m steadfast and brave, see breast ass and faint
Got chest scars and face, double cross, I detest half these fakes
I'm ten times as great, red flag, step back
Them plans, get axed, when I force the blade
Scratch men off the list, tell him he lacks skill
Cause if X won′t give it to you, Dias will

Dino-saur ring on the high seas, hi Freeced
Undercover sword, I be the spy team, fight me
Like a carnivore, I'll make a guy meet, my teeth
When they Allosaur-us, recognize he, mighty
Step into my Zoan, methods are my own
My X Calibur can shatter through their weapons and their bones
I climbed out the barrels from a minion′s story
You can find One Piece, but you'll never find Dory

Huh, Jewelry Bonney
I rule this scrawny ship men as I sit and enjoy the bountiful
Foods around me astounding
The only time I′m over one hundred forty is on my bounty
Only female led captain in the Worst Generation racing

My margaritas always moving
I'm a pirate, I'd never help a stranger, young or especially old
I′d rather con these losers
Beat by world government, escape the ish twice
Defeated by Blackbeard, but you saw that kick, right?

My clothes are skin tight, the cost of this spite
Is losing your life quickly with old thin white
Hair, men don′t even dare to murder me
I'm on their heads more than my Furazurka green
My Bonnie pirates will forever worship me
And every other Supernova on this Earth will see, yuh

Yeah, man knows my name, bet they know my face
Bet they know my bounty
It′s Big Gang Bege, crew on my back
Couldn't move without me
Roll em up and smoke these fuckers, we do this loudly

If he bugging, then he get cut and this crew gon clown him
You′re really not worth the hassle, man thinks I'm an asshole
Shawty got me bricked up castle, judgement drop the hammer like gavel

Ten toes down, you step you get tread on
New whip Sherman came with new tread on
Big body, nah, Big Body, you built like a mark
The sharks will get fed on

Listen up, douche, your fate only I get to choose
Best pray the Arcana spares you
You can get your brain blown like the wind does to straw that I use
You′re a doll made to take my abuse, bitch
Play with your life like acoustic
They all Hawking the movements of Basil the ruthless

Came from the North Blue
So you'll never see me get blues
If something goes south with the crew shit
Opposition think they damaging me
Til they take a look at their own bloodied up team
Got captain status
So every chick that's badass tryna be my doll at max?

Ten′s all I need
Don′t fuck with Twelve, we ain't never fuck with authority, bitch
I′m one of the twelve of the Worst, who really want war with me?
Watch us put two to your head like my head on my Jolly Roger
Move with beast that'll pirate your life for drawing your sword at me

Heaven & hell, the reverend would tell
These 11 disciples Ima dead em as well
I′m the darkest angel, never enter my realm
If you enter my hell, end up ending yourself
I'm the mad monk, demonic
Probably off the tonic, wilding with the monsters
I been lacking conscious, I been lifeless & off the cuff

I crave the carnage
I′m the mad monk, back up
Don't act tough, keep your guard up ho
Clash us, get flattened
I smash ya, leave you star strucked
I prolly pull up with the pillar warning
Darkest archangel, end ya army
Got the sauce, a cross can't even stop me
I′m high above you peasants, you should call me God

Spin and chop and beat an opp like a DJ
Fork path, how I′m in the field cutting three ways
Black Air Force style stepping like CJ
Onigiri, feel the fury of three blades
Cut above the eye, cut above the rest
Cut and leave a motherfucker dead
Three swords fly, hit three times

One up in his neck, one up in his chest
One up in his face, put him in his grave
Blade flow like kimono motions, no Wano phase
I am known for the smoke like gelato strains
If I'm lacking, it′s like nothing happened
I gotta monster body, I can bottle pain

Haki of the Conqueror's got em shaking
Like coke, metal pop, now he gotta stain
Stilbite when I chomp on this Wano blade
I took death to the chest, am not afraid

It′s the man of the moment
The elastic opponent the government can't get ahold of
Mad that I′m potent
And I'm packing a mass of support from the vast of the ocean
They know what their role is

My crew serve a purpose, they riding the channel long with me
Can't try to control us
They′ll be coming after this con next like a Discord VC
To beat me, you′ll need a Marine fleet
And everyone outta any one of the CPs

You could be a Yonko or be a Warlord, you ain't me
Whenever you hear me, my punches on Gear Three
Living life, going merry, I′m cruisin' over
Haki colour of the king, I′m ruling over
Coming for you old heads 'til you′re all dead
Truth be told, because my future looking bright like a supernova