Live My Life


Gotta move, gotta groove to a different beat
Won't you tell me why?
You've gotta change, rearrange nothin' stay the same
Won't you stop the lies?
Why can't you be what you are to them to me,
For just one night?
If what you say isn't real and you can't get it right
Let me live my life

You say it's a dream, the search for inner peace
But you're just afraid
If you could open your mind, you would find your heart
Isn't that far away
If you could show me now a sign somehow
I could guide you through the maze
I can't give up, I won't give up
I know it's just a phase

Your do's and don't's , can't's and won't's
All that negativity
Your scared, you won't try, so you make another lie
In your own reality
How is it out there, do you mind if I stare?
I see a pattern coming to
How can you not try to change your life
It must be just a phase

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