Music Is Sport


music is sport

come gather round the court

come sweat and scream for your favourite team

as you cheer and down a beer

you think they're looking like they could be back in form this year;

they're sporting all the name gear

they got the shoulder-smacking corporate-backing

lights ablaring things are happening

you see the media sacarin glistening on their tongues

they'll be climbing up the rungs to the top of the industry echelons

keep it going on cos they didn't just come to play they came to win

pros like them know losing is a sin

and when it comes down to handling their balls

these boys'll give it their all from hand to eye

down the line super fine control

backhand forehand underhand power plays

they'll be leaving all the opposition in a stunned daze

fast man

they leave the rest behind

you find they always have the last laugh

as the crowd roar

music is sport (x2)

the fests are the test they're like the musical olympics

or like grand final meets without the seats

it's band vs. band in an action packed day of non stop play off

where's the fucking pay off?

one gets the mic

one makes the pass

one executes the play

time for a mexican wave

crowd goes wild for racket skills

i teach lessons in regression but it sure don't pay the bills

what the hell we hitting for?

record companies keeping score;

trying to get those shiny plaqued trophies for the office wall

pumping out the hits to feed the media blitz

now watch the swollen champs blow the champers on bikini clad tits

busted through a banner backstage

high five and then we pray to god;

before we play to the throbbing mob

so if you're ever on the sideline or sweating on the court

just remember my friends

music is sport (x4)