Stuff Like That

Quincy Jones Featuring Ashford & Simpson

Stuff Like ThatQuincy JonesWalked in the jointThey were lined up back to backAnything you can name, no shame, uhn, uhAn' stuff like thatDo it - do itDo it - do it(Chorus)What makes you feel like doin' stuff like that?What makes you feel like doin' stuff like that?Before my eyesWas the promise of paradiseIs she real, can she feelIs she a dream? If ya know what I mean'Cause she was built out ofStuff like thatStuff...Like That (do it - do it) *4 x'sI knew I was capturedBy the rhythm of the magic flutePulling and urging meTo taste the forbidden fruitTho' I felt naiveI did not want to leaveFever was in the airAll of a sudden, I didn't careNo reason why, I just had to testify(Chorus x's 4)Do it - do it (x's 4)(Repeat 3rd verse)(Chorus x's 6)From: [email protected]