Keep expecting so much

Seeing little in return

Desperate for the deeper moments

Begin to see them slowly burning down

I see them slowly burning down

Needing meaning in this

Heavy day I seem to bear

Everything comes into question

Lessons learned just seem to tear apart

They seem to tear apart

And I am underwhelmed again

Wanting more than you are giving

Underwhelmed again

Is there more that I am seeing

You promised me so much when

We began to walk this way

You said we'd change the world together

But now it seems we're nowhere further on

It seems we're nowhere further on

There must be more

Much more than this

Please show me more

At the lowest low now

Thinking I should can it all

Needing breakthrough from the nothing

But remembering the call

Where it really started

Hearing fresh your voice again

Something calling me to press on

Seeing you again

I'm bowing down

I'm bowing down

And I am overwhelmed again

I hear your voice still calling for me

Overwhelmed again

Remembering all you've made for me

Overwhelmed again

Not deserving all you're giving

Overwhelmed again

Another chance at truly living