It's Alright


The blues, the greys, the rainy days, they're coming to get ya,

They rearrange and seem to change, the rhythm it sets ya,

We crave the wave we need to save the thrill and the feeling,

Part of the flood boarding the blood what is it we're dealing.

You find it hard to draw the line from one verse to the next one,

Can it all just be undone?

But its alright, its OK, you know theres one who looks at you to say,

Its alright, its OK I am with you we can face the darkest day,

We stand, we fall, we run, we crawl, anothers perception,

The view refracts the light reacts you know we buy the deception,

I think I see what it will be you know I make my decision,

I look at you, what did you do, you looked beyond position.

You find it hard to draw the line from one view to the next one,

Can they all just be undone?

Its alright, its alright, its alright everythings ok...