Life Philosophy Freestyle

peace sammy

What is my life philosophy? (Go figure!)
While I pay my heavy fee
Just to stay aliveI gotta see it to believe
Fool me thrice, shame on me
But recently haven′t seen
Very much at all
It's just plain ol′ mean (Just pain!)
But makes for pretty melodies and reveries
Where I could be
I'll survive
It's only two things guaranteed (Death and taxes!)
For you and me
Won′t you meet
My dear friend, Mr. Joe Black
(Hi, I′m Brad Pitt! Thank you, thank you. Ha ha ha)
I might just drop down to my knees
Beg the Lord, Father please
But fuck that! cuz
He took Dad and
Plus I got an ego
I'm mad and sad and that′s
Cool and all but like
Where the fuck do we go?
Fuck if I know
That's the fun of it
Slow down
Why you runnin′ it?

And ain't no other way to put it
I′m tryna get my money up
Fuck all that shit I learned in college
I'm tryna get my money up
And that's the catch-22
You can′t just live with theories post-22
And still I′m out here straight actin' a fool
Screaming "fuck the system!" (You stupid self-professed psuedo-intellect)
And I′ll lose
Then double down
Cuz flowers bloom
C'est la vie (You pretentious highbrow high horsin′ headass)
I'm spendy, bitch
Cuz I′m banking on my potential

I'm so sick of it all, your opinions and my flu
It'd only be fair if you knew all of me and all my moods
You know three
Leave me be
I′m like please
I′m tryna figure me out
(I am Sam, Sam I am, am Sam I?)
I'm like
Peace Sammy

When′d you get to be such a crybaby
You look so ugly when you cry baby
I feel so alive I could die baby
Dial 7-9-2-9 still my mom's baby
It took
Moving out my mama house to find myself
It was just that hard, I admit I′m lost
But what's next
I gotta move out of the nest to buy my mom a house
And my sister too
They have my heart