She Never Stopped Loving Him

Patty Loveless

She used to sit and stare and dream that he was there
But she quit that
She made up her mind that someday she'd be fine
And she meant that
And she stopped drivin' by their old place
Now it's not that she don't know the way
She just stopped, cause she had all she could take
But she never stopped lovin' him

There's a place deep in her soul, a place she'll always hold
Only for him
Still, she gets down on her knees, prays that she won't be
Lonley for him
And she stopped, no matter how hard she tried
She never stopped lovin' him

All the time they were together
He was all she ever needed in this world but still somehow
There were things she dind't tell him
She's gonna tell him now

The leaves are off the trees
And the snow is awfully deep for December
She walks right up to him, she can't quite find the words
But they're in there
So she stops and says "Since you've been gone
I have thought how life must go on"
Then she topped and placed a rose on his stone
Then left him alone
But she never stopped lovin' him

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