Pat McGee Band

I guess it was yesterday when I found you there

Alone I wait for you, I feel I should

Maybe just possibly you'll turn your head

And look at me the way the angels would

I'm thinkin' 'bout you and I could burn these times

These times and let our souls act out the only way

Under the running sky, colors fade into the night

Holding back this day

I have lost myself in only you

Hold on through

I am the one who still burns for you, burns for you

Thinkin' 'bout yesterday, the sun went down

Painted there you lie into the sea

I wish I were next to you lying there

Breathing from my heart and how I feel

We drift into a distant place, desire is the

Only one we know who feels the same

The moon is up and the sun is up

And the sky bleeds over our hearts, pih this day, push the day

I guess it was yesterday, complete me

Surround me in your eyes, you hold me still

You got to believe the hands of love have pushed us

Turned us upside down into the sun, to the sun, right now