What Are We Doing


You know sometimes you get in situations
And when u make that move
You gotta be committed
She know what I mean

[verse 1]
We were better off friends
But the magic of the night had us holdin each otha tight
We should've kept it right there
But the movie got boring and u wore those jeans I like
I glanced at your pretty feet
Your sexy hands rubbin on my chest, should I kiss u
I heard a voice say yes
We were undressin not realizein we shouldnt be doin this

What are we doin
What have we done
What have we ruined
How did this happen
Were we just blacked out
What are we doin
What are we doin
What have we done
Baby im trippin
Cause after we cut all the feeling was gone
Girl what did we do

[verse 2]
They say some things are better off as just a fantasy
What came over me
I did not lose control
It must've been those jeans
It was the way she fit in those jeans
I cant even remember if it was good or not
All I know is that our temperature was boiling hot
Cant believe I just made love to my dear friend
I pray that this isn't damaging in the end

Lack of communication, got us both in the situation
Now there's no way out, no way out
Cause we cant turn back time, no


We're staring at the ceiling with the cover tuck pulled up to our necks
Like o
Should've never let u come here alone no no
I know I just enjoy seeing u naked
Now I cant look, now I cant look
We did this, it's a price we have to pay
Now there's nothin to say

[verse 3 rap]
She was a friend of mine
Fine, slim wasistline
I never thought she'd be feelin me, never seen the sign
My homie said I'll eventually hit it a while back
I told him naw, she feel, it aint like that
I found myself starin at that azz a couple times
Threw with out a sight in mind
Been knowin her since I was nine
But a moment alone in a soft bed changed everything
Never thought that we would come to this extreme


[chorus 2x]


Omari Ishmael Grandberry (born November 12, 1984 in Inglewood, California), better known as Omarion, is an American Grammy nominated R&B singer, actor and former lead singer of B2K. He released his debut solo album O in 2005, it went Platinum and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. In 2006 his second album, 21, also debuted at #1 and went Gold, selling over 900,000 copies worldwide. In 2007 he collaborated with rapper Bow Wow and they released an album together entitled Face Off. ... selengkapnya

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