My Favourite Position

You gave me hope
You gave me strength
Now you change me baby look what i became

You gave me kisses kisses
I gotta tell you something baby listen

Come closer we can stack the iphones
Time 4 some 2-ways communication
With a lil bit of action
Cuz right next to you is my favourite position

You've been trapping my temper
My sweet disposition
I never been better
Now can you believe me
If i am the question then
You are the answer?

I will never leave you behind now
U will always be by my side

you got me
falling falling deep inside of you
tell me now now what am i supposed to do
baby you
make me feel like a lady
Youre the only one that really really knows me
always like it when u call me your baby
and i finally realize what love is
dont you notice?
I will always by yourside, Boy i promise
Lets forget about the past and the sadness
All your exes so wack they just practice

Back to Reff:

So madly deep in love
Weve been through so much and it rough baby
I will follow you
And we, ll make it through
We can go along the way



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