A simple system,
mind control
losing your soul in this fight that you started
now you're left broken hearted
shot down off a cloud for being so dumb
you do everything you could for just a little more fun.

But now consequence is coming
no use to start your running
you're a ship out to see and
I'm a storm cloud forming.

Oh my God what have I done
please forgive me
I feel so hated
so aggravated
so frustrated
can't explain it the way that I feel
I feel so numb
preferred to run then face the fact
stabbed your back
I'm a victim slipping through the system.

Listen to me real slow
I know that you're just dying
to know the wrong direction
where ever you were trying to go
the intersection I met you at a quarter to one
to listen to what you like doing for fun.

You had to learn the hard way and I taught you,
you had to take the long road
I never did but I'm all numb preferred to run the face the fact,
I stabbed your back
I understand that did not deserve
that you can't go back can't you see it
God what have I done please forgive me...