Drop The Pen


Been sitting writing here for hours. Since I begged you; please quick leave this room. The ink is all over my hands as I'm slowly writing down the mess in my head.

Small notes and folded pappers all over my room. I'm no poet, beats and chords replace words and rhymes. Searching for the right thoughts, am I all too blind as I'm stumbling on to the bridge?

Everything is clearly written on your wall. Let it happen, you just strive to make time pass. Never be too sure on what's written in my heart, just let it happen!

Drop the pen, you always write down what I say. Twisting it 'til it's all wrong and shove it down my throat! Explicit words and a content badly anchoraged Still I'm hoping that you'll like the things I wrote. Now you'll strike back and the blow is hard and painful, grim and tearful Made me regret the things I said to you.