I'll Still Be Loving You

New Kids On The Block

Oh, baby

Don't matter for how long life goes on

I'll Still be loving you, girl

I know it's real

This love I feel

Baby, sure as the skies are blue

I'll be around

Won't let you down

Baby, no one else will do

Believe in me

Girl, I'll be your friend

Together till the end, girl

(Together till the end, girl)

Just reach for me

Girl, I'll be the one

A lover you can trust

I'll never give you up


Till forever's come and gone

Till the mountains tumble down

I'll still be loving you, girl

Till the stars fall from the sky

Till the seas all run dry

I'll still be loving you

When clouds appear

Now don't you fear

Baby, we're gonna weather the storm

I'll stand by you (stand by you)

We'll see it through

You'll be safe and warm

Don't be afraid (Don't be afraid)

Girl, all through the night (All through the night)

I'll be there by your side, girl

(Be there by your side, girl)

Every way, girl I'll understand

I'm gonna be your man

With everything I am


Other lovers are giving up each day, yeah

But this love of ours is here to stay (yeah, girl)

I just wanna be with you, girl

(I just wanna be with you)

That's all I wanna do

Chorus, adlib and fade

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