Call It What You Want

New Kids On The Block

Call It What You WantNew Kids On The BlockBy: M. StarrI can tell you've been watching meGirl I've been watching you tooI got the feeling you want my loveI must admit I want your love tooChorus:Call it what you want babyGirl I call it loveCall it what you want darlingI'll still call it loveYou know there is something about you, girlWhat it is, is kinda hard to sayI only wish we could get awayGive me love and I'll lead the wayChorusNa na na na na na na na naNa na na na na na na na naIt's so groovyJust to be with youIt's so good babeJust to dance or anything that you want to doI can feel itI can feel itI can feel itI can feel that love girlChorusYou can call it thisYou can call it thatYou can call it anything babyChorusLyrics provided by: Renee

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