I'll Be Loving U (Forever)

New Kids On The Block

(Verse) I'm not that kind of guy
Who can take a broken heart
So don't ever leave
I don't want to see us part
The very thought of loosing you means
That every thing would go down under
(Chorus) I'll be loving you forever
Just as long as you want me to be
I'll be lonving you forever
All this love is for you and me
I'll be loving youloving you
The things you do
Yeahis forever
I'll be loving you, I'll be loving you
(Verse) I've found the blessings to keep our love new
There's one for you
And a million for you
There's just so much that I want to say
When I look at you
All my thoughts get in the way
(Chorus) x4
(Verse) We've gone to far to ever turn back now
This love will last forever
And seeing long after
I'll be loving you
The things you do, is forever
I'll be loving only you, girl
Oh girl
I'll be loving only you, girl

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