N.e. Heartbreak

New Edition

In store signing autographs at the mall

Next in line was a fly girl standing tall

Signed my name and said give me a call baby ya know

the girl screamed and fainted panic on the floor

The body gaurd pulled us the back door

I never saw her anymore- it was an in-store heartbreak

Live at five interview for Channel 2

Saw a cutie thought she was on the T.V. cre

She said after the show (I'll be waiting for you) cool

After the show she got into the car and what a scence

I didn't know she was only thirteen

It was a young girl heartbreak

People think we don't get lonely

But we're far away from home

One minute 20,000 people

But then they go home, we're alone

It's off to another city

Where everybody knows my name

But when I meet that perfect honey

Is it me she wants or is it my fame

Girlies and groupies and parties all night

Is the life that can lead you to a N.E. heartbreak

From city to city our friends and our fans

they're the ones who can keep us from having

N.E. heartbreak

Center stage N.E. was groovin'

The beatwas hard

And the girlies were movin'

There she was third row center coolin'

She was cold

Last note of the last song

House lights up they came on

When I looked she was gone

It was a 3rd row heartbreak

People think our life is easy

'cause they think we've got it made

But we're living underpressure

Just to be on top

And to give the best that we can give you

And to never let you down

We'll keep strivin' for perfection

N.E. heartbreak is coming to your town

Beware of N.E. heartbreak

Spreading fast and there's no cure

No need to run from heartache

It's gonna get you, get you for sure

Called up my girl and said

Meet me on the tour

I got a suite cold chillin' on the 50th floior

And I'll leave your ticket at the door

And baby don't forget the pumps