Hybrid Heart


I look in the mirror
I see a million flaws in my mind
But what I just cannot seeIs all the wonder in the world outside

Everyday I live a lie to subdue my melancholy
I only dream of life in glory
By midnight the magic dies
Another broken happy every after

Tangled up in the strings of fate
I′m trapped inside my wildest fantasy

Tell me why the heaven seems farther
When I'm falling on my own
As the lights are fading
I can finally see my world of color spin

Tell me why the ocean feels wider
When I′m searching for the shore
I've been swimming in tides that are raging

But if only I hold on and close my eyes I could fly away

I look out the window
And I see the faces pass
With no destination
And still nobody ever wonders why

Everyday they live a lie to hide their true emotion
They only dream in isolation
By daylight the same disguise
Another endless masquerade beginning

Swallowed up by the hands of time
I drown inside my wildest fantasy

Why does the journey seem longer
When I'm running on my own
As the world is silenced
I can finally hear the voice of mine within

Tell me why the aching feels stronger
When I try to heal my wounds
I′ve been lost for too long to remember

But if only I hold on I could find who I am

I′m blinded by a distant illusion
I'm chasing after empty ambition
I′m torn up by the loss of emotion
But now I'm taking the wheel of direction today

The higher up I fly, the harder that I fall
The closer to the sun, the hotter it burns
The deeper that I dive, the better that I breathe
In my hybrid heart, my soul comes alive

Tell me why the future seems brighter
When the past is far behind
As the world is turning
I can finally find a way to stand again

Tell me why the morning feels closer
When I′m dreaming next you
The horizon is just beyond the shadows

So I'll keep holding on until I′ve found who I am
And if only I let go and free my mind I could fly away