Man Down

Mobb Deep

featuring Big Noyd

Intro: Prodigy and Big Noyd

That's my word GOD! Kick that thug shit GOD!

Kick that motherfuckin thug shit man! Word up man!

(What's up son? What's up?) Word up get go

(No doubt nigga!) Money no represent knowI'msayin?

(All the time baby) No doubt (YouknowI'msayin?)

Who we got here son? (Shine baby shine)

(Look) Look who we have here yo! (up in the

Verse 1: Prodigy

Here come the vultures, the Mobb-laced potent rap shit

Perhaps, kid, make it happen, start the flippin

You fuckin comic, who you kidding?

My nigga's laughing, blood bathin, the world's greatest

In-famous crime-zanous

To interfere would be dangerous

Plane descent, stand clear, save your strength

You couldn't do the limp if you was coked up

by my z'd up, whatever the fuck, who gives a fuck? You get fucked

My coalition specialises in collision

The clash of the cliques, the duel o' the iron mac, spit

and leave ya half-split

You'll be missin much more than a fraction

when it's time for action

Hit em while a man down, make that nigga backspin

Trapped up, a ???? madman

We blastin you're collapsin, heavily light my gold Mac 10

Get imprisoned with dem raps they have you relapsin

You get castin the Mobb, deaf and assin

We face splashin, dope fake's ice-pick stabbin

He slow leakin, he 'ternally bleedin for speakin

outta place, niggas get placed back indecent

Live at the main event may I present

Screamin out loud for any squad that's deaf

My Infamous Mobb, ya heart throb, hold ya breath

It's KO from dead arm rights and hard lefts

Another satisfied consumer who got blessed



Mobb Deep is a hip-hop duo made up of Havoc and Prodigy. Both members are natives of Queensbridge, New York; located in Long Island City. They are perhaps most famous for their landmark album, The Infamous, and the accompanying hit single, Shook Ones Pt. II.

1992–1994: Early Career

Prodigy and Havoc met one another while attending the prestigious High School of Art & Design in Manhattan. Coming from similar backgrounds, the duo broke into the rap game in 1992. ... selengkapnya

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