The Party Don't Stop

Mia X

featuring Foxy Brown Master P

[Mia X]

I got the ghetto grooves guranteed to make your shoes move

Through the dance floor

What you came for?Actin' like ain't know

That I flows everything over ?knocks?

With the peep by the pound

And the ice cream shop

They finally drop the first lady off that No Limit tape

And I'ma ???? flows baby think I ain't!

You can't see even if you had a bird's eye view

Or bifocals, these mind vocals just goes

On and on, you know you can't resist

So let your head knock back and look foward to this, Miss

Biggest Momma with the ?rhyme-a? and Prada

Fly known rigotta and my ice just gotta

Light up the room like Vegas

Been by my papa,ever since my flight that China white

Peelin' wit' the steel,recognize the real

Better rimes and bring skills I will

Keep it locked,word to my moms dredlocks

Some nights I just wanna set the party on top

Wit' P and the Ill Na Na,unified hip hop

Mo' chedda as long as the party don't stop


We don't care if the party don't stop

Got nothing but time so let the beat knock pop

Bangin' to the east

Shakin' it to the west

Throw it up northside

And the south gonna handle the rest


[Master P]

There ain't No Limit to this game I spit

36's on 55,I got money to get

It's the Ill Na Na wit' the Big Momma

Now I'm the Big Poppa,I mean a Big Dada

I used to make my money hustlin' and bustin' wit' gats

Now-a-days I get money for bustin' rhymes and raps

I got the cocoa and cream,not the kind that steam

Cause it's crispy and clean