Sex Education

Mia X

featuring Silkk the Shocker Porsha

[Silkk talking]

Yo I'm Silkk the Shocker know I'm saying?

Everybody's like if they ever meet me

They'll do to me come on NOT!!!

But I'm looking for somebody who could teach me

Something I don't even know for real

Know I'm saying?

[Verse 1]


Yo yo yo imagine this flash my wrist

When I grab you miss

Do everything but if I forget something ask me

Trying to do it til you're happy

You're a teacher, so teach me, when I make it to school

I'ma stay in detention for a while `cause I'm a thug so usually I

break a few rules

Imagine pleasure from night time, fin to get sun in

Uh huh, receiving gifts, never ever have to trip on no money

So when you need me, know where to reach me

Beep me if you wanna get freaky

I know a lot, a few things you could teach me about sex



Sex is something when your body is pumping, thumping


Sex is something when your body is thumping


Sex is something when your body is bumping, bumping


Sex is something when your body is thumping

(repeat twice)

[Verse 2]


Welcome to the school of professionals

We can get it soaking wet while you get us going

Anything goes when it's easy to score

There won't be a move and you can't ignore

So here's your lover, instructor today

Any questions you may have after class, I'll demonstrate

And we'll take it slow, and when it starts to drip

Just sip and let it flow

While I undress you, I caress you, show you how I test you

And along with your