The Rhythm (Bonus Track For Family Christian Stores)

Mercy Me

Even though the world doesn't know each other, we walk in the same direction
Like those lemmings that march off a cliff into the ocean for no apparent reason and no objection

You know that direction, I call it the direction of “me”
My goals, my stuff, how do I get first place, and could somebody up there cut me a break so I can win the lottery

Then all of a sudden somebody shows up who's totally set apart from the rest.
Well he's heading in the other direction for one and there's a peace in His eyes and a rhythm to His step.

It's as if he has found the answer to life, and come to find out the answer's not me, myself or I.
I think I'm sticking with that guy.

My heart will beat as one
To the beat of a different drum
The rhythm of Your love

My heart is dancing now
In time with what I've found
The rhythm of Your love

As if I didn't say enough in the first verse, there's something else that's bugging me
How can I have just one heart that beats for so many things at the same time continually?

It just doesn't make since. I mean technically I've only got one heartbeat in there
But I dance with so many things, do so many jigs you'd think I was Fred Astaire

I'm no rocket scientist, but it seems that every time you give a piece of your heart away
It can not be healthy… nor can it be as strong as well let's say

When the whole heart is beating as one for one thing one rhythm in unison
Now that my friend is good advice for anyone