Mind Blown

MC Ren

(MC REN) You know what Hutch man, I let one of these bitch made niggas get
away with somethin the other and uh, I shouldn't a let him get away with it.

(Cold 187) Put a foot to his ass.

(MC REN) What did you say? Put a foot to his ass?

(Cold187) That's right man...

(MC REN) Wow, that beautiful man, wow, that's what I'm gonna do to him, put
a foot to his ass. You know what Hutch man, I think I'ma adopt that formula
for myself man, wow.

(MC Ren)
Nigga I'm the black giant puttin shit down
you niggas aren't familiar with my sound
I'm shockin motherfuckers like water and a live wire
makin niggas feel the fire like Richard Pryor
The Great Elephant, the Bitch made nigga Killa
I'm steppin on you niggas like a Godzilla
A living legend like Shaq
The beggining and the last Moheekan
cause I be seekin to have niggas tweakin through the weekend
I gives a fuck about the radio and faggot sounding disc jockeys
bust yo fuckin mouth like we playin hockey
I stick and move like rocky cause I'm cocky
a motherfuckin nuclear bomb couldn't stop me
I throw a bottle at the mirror and make it shatter
niggas in LA shut the fuck up and make ya shit fatter
I'm lookin for the niggaz with the skills
not the niggas that woke up this morning saying they wanna rhyme
you can always tell white niggaz by the clothes that they wear
I bitch slap the niggaz tie em' up in a chair
don't gives a fuck if baby yellin that it aint fair
cause you know this nigga Ren, nigga just don't care
yeah, I'm that motherfucker sittin on my throne and it's on
got you niggas mind blown

It aint no turnin back when ya on a mission
for the opposition
niggas keep on wishin

(MC Ren)
I don't give a fuck I'm a real nigga
niggas swingin on my dick cause my nuts bigga
blow they motherfuckin brains like a sawd off
I bust that funky ass shit then they hawd off
fuck a mother fuckin record deal could of been a pimp
But I'm that nigga puttin fear in ya fuckin ear
so raise the fuck up, when niggas be bumpin that shit
wanna suck this dick? wanna fuck that trick
I gotta heata when I need a nigga
my niggas smoke a fuckin pound of blood
leaving bitch made niggas in a puddle of blood
I gives a fuck about em', I just kick it on the block
and handle my shit, with my motherfuckin nigga Rocc
So fuck a crew nigga I'm all alone
when I'm spittin fly shit on the microphone
and I'm that black nigga sittin on my throne
and it's on, got you motherfuckin mind blown


(Big Rocc)
Niggas get sprayed like Raid I have em' droppin
moppin, shootin niggas up like Charles Bronsen
J Rocc, a nigga playin it for keeps, so keep
Fuckin up in the Compton streets, yo Ren pass a nigga that 38
so I could set all these bitch made niggas str8
now tell me, do you wanna take it toe for toe strap for strap
I'd rather bust a cap in your fuckin back
take a look, what you see is a crook, breakin every rule in the book
I try my best not to get locked up
but at the same time I steady be fuckin up
at the shack, niggas be sippin on that yat
breakin off a freestyle on my nigga Hutch's track
It's Big Rocc once again it's on and I got you motherfuckas str8 mind blown